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A 24/7 Missionary Church serving S.E. Metro Denver


Partnering to Bring Jesus to Denver and Denver to Jesus


Denver, Colorado is a city approaching 3.8 million in all of its metropolitan entities.  There are nearly 2000 churches in that mix, yet our rate of attendance across the city is still under 10% by most estimates.  REZ is a Kingdom-minded, biblically-rooted, Anglican fellowhip in the southern part of the metro area, Greenwood Village, to be specific.  We are concerned that people in our circles of life come to know who Jesus is, through us.

Mission is central to the heart of Resurrection.  We work to expand the Kingdom of God, both in Denver and around the state and nation, as well as around the world.  Click around in this section to get an idea of what some of our members are involved in, here in town and around the world!


A 24/7 Wall of Prayer across the State where Our God will fight for us!

Oswald Chambers said, "Prayer is not preparation for the 'great work,' it IS the "great work!"

At REZ we are not a church with prayer, we are a church OF prayer.  We believe that prayer forms the very foundation of everything that we do, all that we are, and most of all, all that happens to and through us for the glory of God and growth of His Kingdom.

Colorado Prays is a movement that calls each of us to help build a "wall" of prayer, just as the ancient people of Jerusalem under Governor Nehemiah came together to rebuild the walls of their city.  In chapter 4, we hear Nehemiah say, "The work is spread out, so when you hear the ram's horn sound, come to where we are, and Our God will fight for us!"

Today we face the breakdown of our culture in significant ways.  We are called to Prayer, as churches and individuals, in a concert of agreement, like a great orchestra, each one playing his/her particular part, under the direction of the Great Maestro, Jesus!  As we join the watch for 24 hours on one day each month, REZ is part of the great SYMPHONY of PRAYER arising to the Father for our church, city, state and nation.

In Town Missions We Support

Kingdom Partners / Ministries

Partner Ministries In Denver

Below is a listing of links to our partner ministries and churches across the Denver Metro Area.

  • Confluence Ministries - Confluence = Coming Together - Bringing the Streams of the Body of Christ together in Mission & Ministry in Denver and Around the World.
  • The James Resource Network - Ministry to Single Moms and Dads helps resource, house and empower them for success.
  • Alternatives Pregnancy Center - Crisis Pregnancy Care and Counseling by the best team in the USA!! Check out Coming Events!!


For more than a decade, the REZ Men's group has supported the work of a Bible translation team in the Dungan language group in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Southern Russia and Northern China.  A Muslim people group originating in N. China they had 3 known christians in 1997 when we began our support.  Now there is nearly a whole bible and a new church that has formed of believers in Jesus!!  Our men's group holds a quarterly Men's Bake Sale in support of the Bible translation, now working on the final books of a Bible for the Dungan language and on Scripture engagement within the people group.  There are new efforts at Bible Story DVD's and Psalm story books for children in this effort.  Please pray for the Dungan people as Christ reaches out to them through these efforts.

Institute for Bible Translation

Rez member, Al Throckmorton with Director of IBT, Vitaly Voinov (left) on a visit to REZ and a day together in Colorado Springs in 2015.  We received an invitation from Vitaly to visit for the Partner Days at IBT in Sept, 2016 and decided to make the journey together.  It was a great trip where we made wonderful friends from around the world who are engaged in translation and language ministries of many kinds.

Meet Natasha, a director for projects and friend of REZ.  She has visited our parish a couple of time over the years and played host to us as we visited the Institute in Moscow in 2016.