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A 24/7 Missionary Church serving S.E. Metro Denver

Frequently Asked Questions...

  • How do I get ahold of REZ?
    720-283-8921 Don't be afraid to leave a message. Someone checks those messages daily! You can click below for email to ask a specific question of our Pastor or other leaders.  back to top

  • Where is REZ located ?
    Our Worship happens each Sunday at 10 A.M. with Adult Education beginning at 8 a.m. at our church, 9250 E. Belleview Ave, Greenwood Village, CO. Click below for map info.  back to top

  • What's an Anglican?
    Anglican is historically related to The Church of England. In today's lingo, that means that we are part of a worldwide group of churches (70+ million Christians) who are in fellowship with the Archbishop of Canterbury in England. The Anglican Church in North America is a reformation movement, re-forming the church along biblical and orthodox understandings in the USA.  back to top

  • Is this like the Episcopal Church?
    We are a liturgical church (robes, candles, written prayers & weekly communion) in our worship style; we are a missionary movement that also includes an emphasis on the Word of God - the Bible - as its plainly understood and an openness to God's Holy Spirit as He leads, guides and moves among us from day to day.  back to top

  • What does it mean to be Anglican ... in America?
    The Anglican Church is in a season of change, both here in the US and around the world. Departures from biblical teaching have been the occasion of much concern in the Anglican Communion. Today we are part of a unified expression of Anglican faith and practice in the US called the ANGLICAN CHURCH IN NORTH AMERICA [], and our prayer is to see an ever growing unity, so that we may see, as Jesus himself prayed, a church that is one, that is biblical, and one that is missionary in its life and ministries.  back to top

  • Is it fully Anglican?
    Absolutely. The Anglican Church in North America, as its name implies, is fully Anglican. It is related to churches in Africa and in the Global South and is recognized by the Archbishops of the Global Anglican Futures movement or GAFCON.ORG The ACNA is faithful and active in the Anglican Communion as a leader in the GAFCON movement worldwide.  back to top

  • What About Mission?
    The force of new Anglican expressions in the US are all very focused on the "lost" and on Church planting as a way to reach the almost 200 million in the US who have no church home or affiliation. In 2018 the ACNA plants a new church about every 10 days!! REZ is involved in these outreaches and is a church plant itself. We are helping to identify new leaders and training them for this work. We are involved with city-wide outreach in many ways, and are involved around the world in missionary activities, travel and support as a regular feature of our life together.  back to top

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Who do I email?
Fr. Phil... (He is the Sr. Pastor)

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