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A 24/7 Missionary Church serving S.E. Metro Denver

Prayer Requests

Building A Prayer Life... One Day at a Time

Resurrection has a vision of being a "24/7" (Twenty-four hours a day - Seven days-a-week) Missionary people for Jesus Christ. The foundation of that is our personal relationship with Jesus, on a day-to-day, even a moment-by-moment basis.

How does God speak to you? If He did, would you recognize His voice?

We learn to hear God by coming to Him and listening. 

By reading His Word (the most common expression and experience of His Voice). 
Click here for Verse of the Day from Bible Gateway
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By Common Daily Prayer - Prayer in Community. 

Click here to join in the Daily Morning Prayers (any time you can!)

So come along on our Daily Prayer Journey -- a Journey of Faith

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